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How to install Mumble voice chan on your games server

How to install Mumble

So you will have to download the mod mumble link and the forge software, in the same version you want to play. So, to get mumble link you just have to click here : mumble link. To forge, click here : forge link.

1 Warning: both downloads must be of the same version. For example, if you take mumble link 1. 8. 9, you will have to download forge in 1. 8. 9.

Then, you will have to open the forge web user with two clicks, tick the install client box, then you have to click ok. The two steps that follow are basic, it is just an introduction to the installation software, then the licence agreement, you just have to accept by taking the time to read the said agreement.

Mumble 3mumble 4 for the rest, the software will propose you to install the internet user and/or the server. In this precise case, only choose the Internet user, the server being just reserved for the owners of mumble servers. You can also choose the installation path.

Do you want downloading Munble ? Click here for know more

Let’s start by opening the configuration file: vi /etc/mumble-server. All the configuration variables are commented by lines starting with #: do not remove this sign otherwise it activates the line.

Let’s see some practical options to configure: add a password to allow connection to the server: look for the line “serverpassword=” and add the desired password. Personalise the welcome information: look for the line beginning with “welcometext=” and enter your message between two ” “. The format can contain simple html modify the maximum number of simultaneous users: even though this application can support many users, you may want to limit the number of simultaneous users, especially if it is an open access server. Look for the line “users=100” and modify the course as you wish.


What is it Mumble?

Mumble is a voice (and text) chat program, otherwise known as voip software. It was originally developed for use in video games, and for this reason is optimised for this use.

However, this optimisation benefits all other uses, including “classic” conversation.

Similar software includes the famous skype, although the two differ in the way they work. Mumble is a free software allowing you to dialogue with your acquaintances or acquaintances. Ideal for network games, mumble has a very low latency time. This is a clear advantage when you play with several people. Mumble is a program that allows server-based game play and directional sound based on a position and that of the other players.

It is a program often used in lg uhc, or mole gun games. And if you find yourself here, you probably need help to configure this software. Don’t worry, I’m here to give you the opportunity to play your favourite modes!