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Block ddos attacks in the cloud from ddos attacks in the cloud, providing an advanced defense capable of stopping the largest attacks and cleaning up ddos traffic until it should reach your applications and data centres. On-demand and always-on protection options help you control your defence strategy.

What is DDos?

A ddos attack is designed to make your site unavailable, either by overloading the server’s bandwidth or by draining its resources to the point of exhaustion. The cases encountered generally concern attacks of level 7, the highest, based on php requests executed in numbers to saturate the system. Today, the risks of being opposed to this are more present and the alerts multiplied, due to the democratisation of IT and the tools used to achieve this.

And it is not only the number of recorded attacks that has increased, but also their brute force, i.e. their force to damage even the heaviest infrastructures.

The ddos mitigation solution we use is deployed in the networks of 70% of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) worldwide, with automatic protection and manual adjustment of the ddos mitigation solution. It frequently analyses traffic to detect any unusual volume or type of traffic.

At the slightest suspicion, our protection is activated and immediately detects illegitimate searches in order to isolate them from visitors without disrupting the normal operation of services. In case of prescription, our engineers intervene many times as useful to adjust the filtering of attacks and guarantee the free provision of your online services.

Volumetric attacks: these are saturation attacks. Saturating and consuming bandwidth and network infrastructure. Examples: flooding of the icmp, udp or tcp or even syn. Application layer attacks also known as layer 7 ddos ( l7 ) attacks.

They refer to a type of malicious behaviour designed to target the “top” layer of the osi model where common internet queries occur. These include http get and http post. But today it is also possible to order a ddos attack without even knowing about remote management.

If your web platform benefits from such protection, it can cost the hacker 4 times as much, which can motivate them to favour a less well protected target.

Deploy your servers in no more than 120 seconds in our 30 data centres around the world. Also benefit from a highly resilient secure network to ensure continuity of service to your customers.

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